Interactive Web Report

What it Looks Like

  • Interactive user friendly Web Report  
  • Inspection results at your fingertips. 
  • Easy to navigate additional report feature lets you explore the report as you wish, in the order you choose. 
  • Summary circles make it quick and easy to view findings in order of report priority.
  • Zoom in on photos
  • Watch function videos
  • Click on informational links
  • Create Repair List
  • Handy for quick reference
  • Efficient for Agents
  • Quickly keeps you moving forward on your purchase
  •  Helps keep report in perspective.  No house is perfect.
  • Learn about your new home.  Be informed, and stay excited!

get right to the point. review your web report by priority

Safety Hazard/Impact Value comments, bordered in red, are higher priority items. These comments contain observed safety issues and upgrades, and items that might present more in-depth or involved repairs.

Attention Needed items, bordered in yellow, we report as  medium priority repairs, or “heads up” items of concern.

Routine Maintenance, bordered in green, are items we report as past due on maintenance or  items that will need care in the future.

Field notes/Observations, in purple, are just that; FYI items, operation/function videos, common courtesy information sharing from your inspectors.

Monitor recommendations in grey include items to keep an eye on once you own the home such as inactive leaks, cracks in concrete, and other issues where being  proactive and diligent could save you time and money down the road.

Inquire items with a lavender border are questions we suggest you ask the current owner.  Inquire items include maintenance records, special features of the home, or instruction you will want to receive before transfer of ownership.

Review Defects by summary

Navigate your way with compiled summaries. One click and you can start your review and repair list.